Chris or Steve...whatever (koga0kun) wrote in 343_guiltyspark,
Chris or Steve...whatever

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Welcome Aboard!

Great! My little community has grown! Nice to have you here, Will!
(You don't mind if I call you "Will" do you?)
Anywho, I'm surprised that you actually joined, I didn't think anyone would. Now then, Mikanhue73, isn't really a Halo fan...but she's cool (She likes anime so she fits in)...actually she's my girlfriend ^_^.
I, on the other hand am a Halo fan...11/09/04...^_^ and Yes Evangelion roxers my soxers as well.

By the way you can veiw my other two blog's (Yes, I have many many blogs)

Oh, and I'm kinda new to this whole community thing, I started it cause I was bare with me.
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